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Waterwatch is a national education program, involving schools, community groups and private landholders, that aims to engage communities in monitoring and protecting the health of local waterways.

In the Hunter-Central Rivers region, the Waterwatch program operates as a partnership between the CMA, the NSW Department of Education and Training, MidCoast Water, Hunter Water, and the Community Environment Network.

Waterwatch participants take an active role in monitoring the health of their local catchments by conducting monthly water quality testing and seasonal surveys of aquatic macroinvertebrates. The data collected by Waterwatch groups is quality assured once a year and is uploaded each month to the NSW Waterwatch website, where it can be analysed and issues can be identified for further investigation.

There is diverse range of activities you can participate in as part of the Waterwatch program, click on the links below to learn more.

Water quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring is a great way to keep an eye on the health of a particular catchment. Conducted regularly and consistently, water quality tests can highlight trends through time and indicate when something is not right and requires further investigation.

Water bug surveys

You mightn’t have noticed them before but there are literally thousands of tiny creatures living in our lakes, creeks and rivers, and their presence can reveal a lot about the health of our catchments.

Catchment Crawls

Catchment Crawls are a fun and educational way for school groups to take a closer look at their local environment, in particular how urbanisation, land use and the way we live can impact on our local catchments.

10,617 participants took part in the Waterwatch program in 2008-09

- Hunter-Central Rivers CMA
annual report 2008-09

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