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Research projects and presentations

PublishedTitleFile size
2013-09Acoustic tracking and aerial surveys of juvenile white sharks in the Hunter- Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority region2.6 Mb
2013-07Subtidal marine debris in the Hunter-Central Rivers region of NSW768 Kb
2011-06Near-shore habitat use by juvenile white sharks in coastal waters off Port Stephens3 Mb
2011-05Monitoring of Seagrass Friendly Moorings in Shoal Bay - Report of 2010 Monitoring1.0 Mb
2012-08Live fast and die young, life of a squid - presentation3.0 Mb
2010-05The Upper Hunter River Rehabilitation Initiative 
2008-11Discussion paper: Management planning for coastal rocky shores1.4 Mb
2008-10Assessing estuarine habitats and biodiversity7.8 Mb
2009-07Monitoring distribution and abundance of Black Cod within the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park2.7 Mb
2009-01Conservation of Rocky Shore Biodiversity in the Hunter-Central Rivers CMA Region1.7 Mb
2007-12Central Coast Rocky Shore Biodiversity Assessment2.5 Mb
2009-07Human Uses of Intertidal Rocky Shores on the Central Coast of NSW0.2 Mb
2009-08Assessment of Marine Biodiversity in the Hunter-Central Rivers CMA Region4.2 Mb
2009-12Biodiversity assessment of nearshore rocky reefs within the Hunter-Central Rivers CMA region0.5 Mb
2009-06Monitoring and assessment of urchin barrens as a marine condition indicator2.5 Mb
2010-09The Marine Environment of the Hunter-Central Rivers Region of NSW - A review of current knowledge6.7 Mb
2009-02Mapping of seabed habitats and biodiversity assessments in NSW26 Mb
2009-08A Review of Underwater Volunteer Groups in NSW0.9 Mb
2009-05Biodiversity Assessment of Intertidal Rocky Reefs on the Lower North Coast Region1.2 Mb
2009-02The Coastal Rocky Shores Management Planning Project: Concept Guidelines0.05 Mb
2011-07Birds of the Shorelines of the Manning Estuary3.5 Mb
2011-07Shorebird Management in the Manning7 Mb
2012-09Distribution and relative abundance of juvenile black cod in intertidal habitats in the Hunter-Central Rivers region2.2 Mb
2013-01Hot Days-Cold Surfs and the EAC - Iain Suthers2.4 Mb
2013-01Recent developments in design-specific artificial reefs - Iain Suthers1.6 Mb
2011-04Distribution, relative abundance, habitat use and seasonal variation of Black Cod (Epinephelus daemelii) within the Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park0.5 Mb

Climate change impacts and adaptation on the NSW coast - presentation

2.75 Mb
2011-12Juvenile Black Cod Research Project - Training Workshop Presentation3 Mb
2012-06Juvenile white shark tagging program - Port Stephens 20111.7 Mb
2006-06Lower Throsby Creek Rehabilitation Feasibility Study - Final Report8.7 Mb

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