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Education resources

Waterwatch Water Bug Detective Guide

There are literally thousands of tiny water bugs living in our waterways and their presence can reveal a lot about the health of our catchments. Water bugs, or aquatic macroinvertebrates, are tiny creatures that live in our lakes, creeks and rivers. The Water Bug Detective Guide provides Waterwatchers with an easy to read colour reference chart for identifying macroinvertebrates as part of a water bug survey. Find out who's living in your local waterway.

Aboriginal Culturally Significant Landscapes

This publication was produced by the CMA's Aboriginal Cultural & Environmental Network (ACEN) - CMA Partnership Committee, with funding from the Australian Government, to assist land managers in understanding the importance of Aboriginal cultural sites and landscapes in our region.

Maitland, City on the Hunter - Fighting floods or living with them?

Produced by the CMA and written by Chas Keys, Maitland, City on the Hunter: Fighting floods or living with them? details the major floods that have occurred in the Lower Hunter over the past 200 years, and provides an account of heroic rescues, tragic losses, and the beginning of an integrated approach to flood management that resulted from the 1955 flood.

The Hunter River Explorer

The CMA has developed a website dedicated to the life of the Hunter River. The Hunter River Explorer takes visitors on a journey along the river, stopping at various sites to hear from those who live and work along its banks.

Where land meets water - a guide to riparian management in the Hunter Valley

The Where land meets water resource kit provides information on a host of issues relating to the management of riparian land; it includes assessment and planning tools, species lists for plants and weeds, and legislation related to riparian management.

Rocky Shores Resource Kit

Rock platforms provide an accessible and enjoyable way to explore our fascinating marine environments. The Rocky Shores Resource Kit was developed by Newcastle City Council as part of an education program funded through the CMA's Education Grants program in 2007. Please feel free to download and use the individual components of the kit.

Keeping a Project Journal

Keeping a Project Journal is a guide to planning, monitoring and evaluating land management projects. This publication and its companion The Project Journal are designed to help landholders and community groups record information on the implementation and progress of land management projects so that lessons can be learnt for the future.

Hunter Bushland Resource Kit

The Hunter Bushland Resource Kit is a guide to managing vegetation on private land in the Hunter catchment. It provides suggestions for effective bushland management and is designed to be used by landholders, bush regenerators, students, Landcare groups, councils or anyone who has an interest in caring for bushland remnants in the Hunter region.

A Sense of Place in Maitland

A Sense of Place in Maitland was developed as a resource kit for schools by Maitland Region Landcare with assistance from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust. The kit contains extensive information on the natural and cultural heritage of the Maitland area.

Rehabilitating Australian Streambanks with Longstem Native Tubestock

This publication explains an innovative approach, developed by Hunter Valley Landcarer Bill Hicks, to growing and planting native tree species that has proven to be successful in stabilising Australian streambanks.

Maitland, City on the Hunter:
Fighting floods or living with them?

This publication details the major Lower Hunter floods of the past 200 years and contains historical photos and personal tales of survival dating back to 1930.
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